Uncertainty and Peace


"This piece has a special place in my heart. I didn’t really know what to paint but than I literally just took a paintbrush and started to paint my feelings. So much is going on in this world right now so much uncertainty we don’t quite know what to believe in or in who or what to trust.There is just so much confusion in this world especially with this pandemic! Is there really not more behind all this? It has caused So many people especially young people to have panic and anxiety attacks. But I believe that in the midst of so much confusion there is always a place of hope and peace for something better or a light where we can hold on too to guide us to happiness and peace! And the meaning that this work has also for me personally is that I have started my journey as a full time artist and it has not been easy! There is a constant loving hating and struggling emotional battle within me! But there is this determination and the love and passion I have for art that keeps me going until I will see that light I’m looking for in my art career! I think it’s never easy to just say your most deep and emotional honest feelings, but I just laid them out for you here! And I’m actually very proud of myself and this Art piece. And I’m sure there are many merging artists out there who feel the same! So I hope that inspires at least one person to never give up their dreams and keep on going until you find that light."


Kategorie: Malerei

Material: Leinwand

Technik: Acryl



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